One Simple Tip to Improve Your Employer Brand

Tyler S. Hatcher
27 Feb

Rejecting a candidate is never enjoyable, especially when the candidate is genuinely skilled and qualified. When the job market grew tight, employers found themselves competing for talent. The industry shifted focus towards creating a positive candidate experience in order to recruit and retain more qualified applicants. Not just because it directly affects the candidates’ perception of your organization, but because it also ties into your employer brand and overall company reputation. 

Businesses with strong employer brands see a 50% decrease in hiring costs. As a result, more organizations are trying to cultivate a positive candidate experience to continue to draw in the most qualified candidates quickly. Improving your candidate experience doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, however. The number one thing candidates want from employers? A response

Making a First Impression

The ways in which you engage with candidates throughout and after the hiring process lends itself to create a big splash for companies. 78% of candidates use the hiring process to determine how a company treats its employees. That experience determines whether or not they still want to work with your business. 

A qualified candidate may also be considering offers from other companies, and they may end up passing over businesses that are unresponsive, slow, or rude during the interview process. Sound unlikely? Think again. 49% of job seekers stated they’ve turned down a job offer due to a negative hiring experience. 

The thing they hate most? Not receiving a response from companies. Candidates hate it when they feel as though their resume has disappeared into the ether, never to be read, seen, or considered. Candidates want their submission to at least be acknowledged, even if it is a rejection. 

Create a Positive Candidate Experience 

Joonko’s newest feature enables employers to design and brand each and every candidate farewell. These rejection emails can be customized to each client’s specific needs and standards. Craft a candidate experience and journey that belongs solely to your company and its candidates. Specific features include: 

  • Upload a custom email banner
  • Add a company logo and personal signature
  • Display brand colors on headers, text, buttons, and social media icons
  • Create custom candidate messaging and subject lines
  • Send candidates off in a considerate manner with a personalized email

Customers utilizing Joonko’s branded candidate journey have seen the following improvements: 

  • 53% social media engagement increase from recently-rejected candidates
  • Candidates reported feeling 86% more satisfied with the overall experience
  • 42% of candidates have returned to company career pages to look for other relevant opportunities

The results speak for themselves. Crafting a positive candidate journey, even if it leads to a rejection, is key to improving employer branding. The best part is that, with Joonko, the process doesn’t stop after the last farewell email. 

The Largest Pool of Qualified Diverse Talent

Joonko’s unique AI-powered software parses the information from company’s rejected candidates and identifies underrepresented candidates: women, veterans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and sends them an email asking them to opt-in to Joonko’s talent pool. Employers can also customize this email and encourage candidates to apply to other jobs within the company. 

When they opt-in, candidates are matched with jobs within and outside of the client’s organization. This provides a win-win for the candidate and the employer. They retain access to qualified candidates and jobseekers get matched with jobs that fit their specific skills and experience. 

The simplest way to provide a positive candidate experience is to stay in communication with them throughout the hiring process. Joonko allows employers to craft a candidate farewell that is specific to their values, goals, and messaging. Additionally, companies can retain qualified diverse talent through Joonko’s pool of applicants.

Providing a proper farewell may be the end of the hiring process, but an excellent candidate experience doesn’t have to end there. 
Interested in what Joonko’s Talent Stream can do for you? Find out more or get started on your journey to an improved employer brand.

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